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Hi, I'm Emily!

Smiling, dancing, encouraging are my favorites!

I’ve been set free from a lot of hard things in life and I absolutely LOVE to help others have that same freedom! When we chat, I’ll share more if you want to hear it. 


I call myself an “empty nester Jesus freak” and my personal style statement is “radiant + refreshing freedom-fighter.”


I’ve got a passion to pour into women like YOU, to help you become confident on the inside and the outside. I’m about all things Jesus, beauty, and being who you are made to be, so that you impact your world in powerful ways. 


As a certified image consultant, I offer services and products to help you discover + wear your best colors + style; to let you shine with a radiance that changes a room when you walk in. 


I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!

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